2014 Digital Theme Proves a Success

We were delighted with the success of our recent Smart Digital Event, which took place last month. It was a complete sell-out and we welcomed over 80 professionals from across Shropshire, who had the chance to listen to a presentation given by Google’s Senior Business Consultant and Head of its B2B sector, Ralph Chiti. We were able to tailor the event to the needs of local businesses, giving them a unique insight into some of Google’s most popular tools, including Google Analytics, Google Places, Google Keyword Planner and Google Ads.

To top-off a series of successful Shropshire Business Partnership events, we’re hosting our last breakfast event of 2014 on Friday 28th November, which is set to welcome number one Amazon bestselling author, Charlie Hutton, who will present on the topic of ‘how to legally murder your competitors online’. With the words “YOUR FIRED” still ringing in his ears, we will also be joined by TV Apprentice Chiles Cartwright who will share some insights on the world of The Apprentice.

To reiterate some of the points that our guests and ourselves took from the various digital-themed events held this year, it’s important to never lose sight of the end goal when using online platforms to engage and connect with customers. For Shropshire businesses, which operate in and for the county, it can often prove challenging to create engaging, interesting and – most importantly – relevant information for the audience.

We’ve spoken with many of our members who are part of the Shropshire community, and they recognise that having a dedicated online channel to engage with stakeholders has never been more important, taking into account the speed that technology is moving and the shift in the number of customers using the powers of online as a main way of communicating.

Whether it’s increasing your customer reach, building a reputable brand online as well as offline, or generating rapport with those you’ve never touched before, online communications is a tool that all businesses can really utilise and gain benefits from – as long as it’s tailored, on message and relevant for the audience you’re targeting.

The event later this month will continue along the digital theme and I’d welcome those interested in coming along, to visit our Events page to secure their ticket.

By Paul Bennett, Chair of SBP