CLP Care Funding Solicitor

A Solicitor who has specialised and developed her expertise over the last 8 years in a niche practice in relation to the complex and involved legal issues concerning the ‘funding of long term care for the elderly and disabled’, having established a local ‘expert’ status as well as starting to gain a reputable status regionally and also nationally resulting in representing clients throughout the country.

An established career in obtaining positive outcomes in respect of Retrospective Continuing Health Care Claims whereby monies have been recovered for patients / their estates representing nursing fees which were wrongfully required to be paid at the time, with reimbursements to date totaling some £1.75 million. In addition achieving further financial savings for patients in securing Continuing Health Care Funding for the present and future.

A successful track record in securing recommendations from local and regional Care Homes who know a strong argument will be presented on behalf of their patient /residents re funding issues and cases ‘won’ where the facts support this, thereby alleviating any problems which potentially creates unwelcome tension between care homes and the family whilst there is an ongoing dispute re fees with the authorities.

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